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Alpha Company 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion has a very long and honored legacy. Its roots lie with the formation of Company E Scouts, 3rd Tank Battalion, on 16 September1942 as part of the newly created 3rd Marine Division. During W.W.II early 3rd Reconnaissance Marines distinguished themselves at Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Guam, and Iwo Jima. This gallery will honor those Recon Marines from Alpha Company that carried on the traditions of our Founding Fathers during the Vietnam War.

The entire company was deployed in Vietnam from 7 May 1965 until 7 October 1969 however many smaller deployments from the company were in country and offshore as early as 1961. During 1964 Alpha Company was assigned airstrip perimeter duty at Danang during a time of the rapid buildup of U.S. Military Forces in Southeast Asia. Alpha Company was deployed in the areas of Chu Lai, Danang, Phu Bai, Dong Ha, Khe Sanh, and Quang Tri.

During the Vietnam War Alpha Company Marines were awarded one Medal of Honor, five Navy Cross's, twenty Silver Stars, scores of Bronze Stars, and an unknown number of Purple Hearts that surely total several hundred. Approximately 650 Marines served in Alpha between 1965 and 1969 with 55 Gallant Marines Killed In Action.

Over time this gallery will record our legacy with documents, photographs, personal memories of patrols and operations by those who served, and remembrances in an effort to preserve our history.


Alpha Recon Association


“Serving Our Marines Since 1989”


If you served with Alpha Company 3rd Recon Battalion during the Vietnam War and you have not heard from us, or if you have not received a mailing in years, we probably lost you somewhere along the way with a bad address. In any event please contact us. Our purpose is to locate everyone who serve and to reunite those that spent the defining times of their lives together.


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IRS 501 C (19) War Veterans Organization

All contributions to the association are fully tax deductible.


We are very appreciative of donations. If you would like to make a donation - information how to contribute is listed in our Company Office Page listed below. Thank you in advance.   

“2017 Reunion”

Please join with us at our gathering during November in San Diego, CA. We have selected these dates to coincide with our Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day. No need to remind anyone of the members that have passed in the past few years or what the future holds for us in the years we have left. I would encourage, as we always have, to call our teammates and keep up with each other.

We need to identify those with special needs that might make it hard for them attend. Also, some may be experiencing a hard time financially. There was a time that seems like only yesterday when the only people we could count on were each other. Let’s make sure we do everything we can to show the same loyalty today as we felt those many years ago.

In that regard, we will help those who wish to attend, with funding and transportation costs. There are many who feel ashamed to ask for help financially. We have a procedure in place to assist. All that is needed is to let us know who it is that meets that criteria. This is a confidential endeavor. Please refer another or notify us of someone that may need help.


Please send us an email by clicking Contact Us box below.

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A little housekeeping - please keep in touch with any changes of address, email and phone. I am requesting if your address etc. has

changed in the last two years please let us know. We do not want to loose track of you with a bad address return. I can be reached at  george.neville.


We have a email distribution list for occasional notices. We do not share this information with anyone other then our members. If you

would like to be included in this listing send us your email address.  For security purposes recipients are blind copied (bcc). If you would

like contact information for someone please let us know.


Resolution for Granting Financial Assistance see Company Office for details.




Certificate of Commendation for Recon Marines (new 12.01.15).  Just recently the Commandant of the Marine Corps General Joseph F Dunford Jr. signed off on a Certificate of Commendation to all reconnaissance units for service in Vietnam. There is no ribbon for this but looks very nice in a frame.  




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The Return of Team Breaker 2005

American Beauty Patrol & Jimmy Stewart Info


Fidelis Certa Merces

(This Latin Phrase Appears On USMC WW2 Honorable Discharge Certificates)

 "To The Faithful There Is Just Reward"


This Web Site is maintained by the Alpha Recon Association, a combat Viet-Nam Veterans group that served in Alpha Company 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, USMC 1965-69.

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