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Company Office

“Serving Our Marines Since 1989”

Updated 29 November 2020


 Alpha Recon Association Is Granted Tax Exempt Status

IRS 501 C (19) War Veterans Organization

All contributions to the association are fully tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

If you would like to make a contribution please send an email and information will be sent to you. Due to the current security concerns we cannot list the mailing address or email information on the web. Thank you in advance.



Company Officers


The following officers were elected during the reunion in Myrtle Beach SC 2019


President -Ray Raymond


Vice President -Tom Vennemeyer

Treasurer- Don Schwinn

Secretary- Fred Murray

Sgt of Arms – Michael Scheerer

Chaplain- John Hlavac    


Webpage Developer - George Neville

Veterans Benefits Contact – Thomas Boland

Past Presidents Advisory – Jeff Savelkoul  1998 – 2004

                                        George Neville 1990 – 1998

MIA Liasion – George Neville, Jeff Savelkoul

Alpha Company Representative – Tom Vennemeyer




History of our Association








Alpha Recon Association Tax Exempt Approval


After much great effort by Don Schwinn and George Neville, a difficult and tedious process has resulted in the approval of Alpha Recon Associationճ application for tax exempt status as a 501 C (19) War Veterans Association. I am sure that many of us wonder how this affects us our relationship with the 3rd Recon Assn.

This tax exempt status allows us our own financial stand alone status as an organization. We are and will remain members of 3rd Recon Assn. We will be nothing more than an organization within an organization. The only administrative change is that we no longer report any financial data to the Battalion Assn. We individually are still members with all rights and privileges as before. I would hope and expect that we all continue to involve and participate in all Battalion reunions and business. We can discuss this in more detail in Reno.

Again let me thank Don and George for the hard work that was required for this approval. I look forward to a great reunion in Reno and donմ hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Semper Fidelis my Brothers!!

Ray Raymond


Granting Financial Assistance:


Resolution 2013-01


Granting Financial Assistance:


This resolution is intended to document a process for granting assistance to a Member and Spouse (or other family member), approved on 11/9/2013 prior to the business meeting held that day. Assistance is intended to be a waiver of the Reunion Registration Fee, but could include other assistance such as Hotel and/or Travel in certain serious situations. Alpha Recon Association (ARA) has established an on-going fund (from prior donations) to provide assistance to help members attend our ARA reunion(s). A member or officer (becomes aware of) may determine that without assistance, they would not have the financial capability to attend. The Officer involved will then become the ADVOCATE and inform the other officers of ARA of the situation. It is not intended to be "Means tested", but "Common Sense" will apply. The Advocate will the seek approval of all of the Officers of ARA and 100% approval is required. OBVIOUSLY, the communication related to this request/grant must remain strictly confidential. The officers involved would be the current President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Sgt. of Arms. Approval e-mail will document this process and the caretaker of this approval will reside in the Treasurer's Reunion file.


Approval 09/11/13 at New Orleans, LA

President Ray Raymond

Vice President Tom Vennemeyer

Treasurer Don Schwinn

Secretary Jeff Savelkoul