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November 15, 2011


Fellow Alpha Reconners


The strongest bond that we share as Alpha Recon Marines is the blood oath we pledged to each other in Vietnam and that has continued to be validated with the passing of the years. I know we all share a deep pride in helping those in our membership that have not been able to participate in our reunions because of personal difficulties and financial constraints if not for our Assn’s assistance. It is in that spirit that I request that we all consider a monetary contribution that will be dedicated to assisting some of our membership in attending our reunion in Reno.


I am very aware that these are tough times for all of us, more so for some us. The years are passing and I know that you, as I, want to share the camaraderie and fellowship with as many of our old teammates and brothers as we can.


Thank You for your consideration and thank you in advance knowing you will do the best you can to respond as you always have when it counted.


Semper Fidelis


Ray Raymond



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Donation Amount


$10  ____         $20_____       Other  ______


Alpha Recon Association is a Tax Exempt War Veterans Organization 501 C (19). All donations are fully tax deductible on personal and corporate income tax filings.


Make check payable to Alpha Recon Association and mail to:


 “Operation Reno #2”

 13069 Triumph Dr.

Poway, CA 92064 -6404